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Andrew Scrivani

Andrew is a photographer, author, DGA member director, producer, and on-camera talent who has worked on editorial, publishing, advertising, content creation, documentary, and feature film projects. He is also an internationally recognized workshop instructor and columnist on the subject of visuals. Andrew also holds an IFC Professional Coaching Certification and with that, he operates his coaching and learning platform Scrivani Coaching and Consulting


Andrew is also an Executive Producer for the feature film company Boro 5 Pictures.  


Andrew’s first book, That Photo Makes Me Hungry by Countryman Press launched in the Fall of 2019.

Andrew has also directed and photographed campaigns for Oprah Winfrey’s O That’s Good Foods and Bumble Bee Tuna as well as directing a short documentary film for The New Yorker Magazine, The Blades of New York's ‘Forged In Fire’ Contestants. Andrew’s latest cookbook collaboration is with Disney on two cookbooks centered on ABC TV's The Golden Girls. 


Clients include The New York Times, Conde Nast, Meredith Corporation, Hearst Corporation, Apple, Adobe, CreativeLIVE, Disney, Unilever, Hellman's, Campbell Soup Company, Impossible Foods and others.


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